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Spruce,Pinus sylvestris plank

Our companies operating the Spruce,Pinus sylvestris plank are mainly imported from Finland, Sweden, Russia and other countries. the characteristics of Spruce and Pinus sylvestris ( Pinus densiflora) is material stability and it is widely used in solid wood furniture, door plank, bed board manufacturing, anticorrosion material, etc.


Our companies operating the hemlock are mainly imported from Canada, hemlock rings clear, the color of wood quietly elegant and uniform, Texture straight uniform , wooden fine, Moderate hardness, good bending strength, anticorrosion and wear resistance. Hemlock mainly used for building, construction materials, etc.

Larix gmelini

Larix gmelini mainly distributed in eastern Siberia, Mongolia northeast, north Korea, northeast China and other countries, and the Larix gmelini our company are mainly imported from Russia, the characteristics of Larix gmelini are heavy and solid, the compressive and resistant the bending strength is strong,resistant to decay, and mainly used for pillar, bridges, building, sleeper, decoration, etc.

Douglas fir

Our companies operating the Douglas fir are mainly imported from north America, the characteristics of Douglas fir are high elasticity, well nail-holding power and good fixed force, the appearance of the Douglas fir has shallow rose color and straight texture, it is suitable for making different kinds of wooden frame for building, etc.

Pinus radiata

From January to may in 2014, our company imported logs of the country imports 10% of the total, Quantity and amount is ranked first, among the Pinus radiata imports in the country, the Pinus radiata imports 24% of the total. The Pinus radiata are uniform structure, the shrinkage rate on average, strong stability, well nail-holding power, easy to make corrosion protection, drying and paint curing processing, etc.

Pinus radiata mainly used in civil engineering, furniture, building materials and crafts, etc.

Pinus bungeana

Our companies operating the Pinus bungeana are mainly imported from Russia, Ukraine, the characteristics of Pinus bungeana are wood grain flat, the texture uniform, the structure of porous medium to coarse, good durability and not easy warping deformation. The Pinus bungeana mainly used for furniture, building, decorative wood, etc.

SPF plank

SPF are short of (Spruce — pine — Fir)and combination of the commercial cork wood, our companies operating the SPF plank are mainly imported from Canada, they are widely used in some aspect because of these good straight degree and strength weight, etc.